JOHANNES BRAHMS (1833-1897) - PIANO TRIO No 2 Op.87 & Op posth. - Guarneri Trio

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The Trio in A, imbued with astonishing juvenile ardour, is obviously the work of a pianist writing for himself in his Sturm und Drang period. Featuring a gushing, overabundant thematic profusion, it is quite close to the style of the first version of the Trio in B, Op.8. The Trio in C appears as a model of balance between great melodic richness and a lofty mastery of form and freedom of inspiration. Here, the Phantasie spirit remains, but a post-Beethovenian vigour gives density to a discourse that is successively meditative, pathetic and rustling ‘with nocturnal whispers’, coming to a close in full light on a robust peasant dance. Most likely coming from the same pen, probably some thirty years apart, here are an amazing youthful attempt and its masterful ‘fair copy’.

PRD/DSD 250'273

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