Joseph Haydn : The Last Three String Quartets OPP 77 & 103

In 1799, Haydn set out to compose a series of six quartets dedicated to Prince Lobkowitz, Beethoven's future patron. The quartets Op. 77 nos. 1 and 2 are the first results of this great project. Busy with the composition of The Seasons and the Harmoniemesse, Haydn did not manage to complete this work, but at his death he nonetheless left two movements of a third unfinished quartet, op.103. Daring and full of humour, these last three quartets constitute the magnificent farewell of the old master, then in the process of making way for his ebullient colleague Beethoven.

This programme, marking the passing of the baton of a compositional generation, pays tribute to the great Prazak Quartet; it is worth recalling that their discography devoted to Haydn has won many awards, and with this recording the Quartet continues the transformation it began in 2015, opening a new chapter in its history.



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