Tribute to Zdeněk Košler (1928-1995) : Smetana, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Bartok, Borkovec & Cie

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Zdeněk Košler , Czech conductor and accomplished disciple of Karel Ancerl, was never happier than when directing Smetana's Dalibor or Libuše, or Dvořák’s Jakobin. His love of opera did not detract from his meticulous and inspired conducting of orchestral music, whose modernity was not as readily appreciated by the general public. Although a distinguished Mozartian, he only ventured into his magic world in Solvakia. The programme presented here provides proof of his extraordinary lucidity, appreciated by connoisseurs of his Dvořák, Martinů, Prokofiev or Shostakovich. He tended to let other conductors of the Czech Philharmonic shine with Smetana, Dvořák and Suk, his achievements focusing on more challenging (non Slavic) repertoires by Wagner, Roussel
or Bartók..


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