Gidon KREMER in Prague (1974-1978) : Schubert, Franck, Ravel, Bartok, Schnittke

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Gidon Kremer in Prague (1974-78) : A Latvian as ‘Soviet’ cultural ambassador

These pieces are remembrances of some Gidon Kremer’s passings in Prague, during Soviet time . . . Kremer was then at the dawn of his career, one among the most brilliant for a violinist in our time! As an ‘ambassador’ of the Soviet Ministry for Culture in the ‘brother countries’, he owed to his mentor, David Oistrakh, a sort of freedom, demonstrated here in this CD programme. His absolutely perfect touch and his freedom of expression were the delight of his patrons in the welcoming communist countries . . . The short piece by Alfred Schnittke, then still hand written only, was an example of his wish to play scores out of the ‘classics’ from Bach to Stravinsky and to help other musicians through chamber music sessions. This record allows to hear the faked G.B. Guadagnini inherited from his grandfather.

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