JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809) - STRING QUARTET op.54 (3) (1785) - Parkanyi Quartet

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These three Opus 54 Quartets exploit the archetype of the Classical quartet as defined in the famous Op.33 (PRD/DSD 250238, 250262), an ‘linstalmen’t that definitively imposed this genre, from Mozart up to the moderns. Their dramaturgy—at the same time structured, full of humour and hidden, sometimes transcendent—and virtuosity call for performers of rare instrumental cohesion in order to show to advantage these 'playlets' directed by the primarius. The Parkányi (formerly Orlando) Quartet excels in these learned games, seductive or mysterious, such as in the Adagio in C minor modulating into G minor of Op.54 no.2, one of the strangest ever written prior to the night musics of Béla Bartók, some 140 years later!

PRD/DSD 250 272

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