Antonin DVOŘÁK (1841 - 1904) - COMPLETE PIANO TRIOS - Guarneri Trio Prague

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Written between 1874 and 1891 by the composers of the symphony ‘Of the new World’, the four piano trios completed follow the stylistic evolution of a musician who wanted to be “Czech” while assimilating the models offered by Beethoven and Brahms as we can see in Op. 21 and 26. The trio op.65 reaches the quality of his models and invents his own way in the continuation of musical sonnets of the six Dumky, preludes to future masterworks (op.107 and 110). The Guarneri Trio Prague is for more than twenty years the heir to this Slavic tradition. They fully return the exuberance and the nostalgia of these deeply human pages.

PRD/DSD 250 259/260


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